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Toni Standley

Sometimes, you come to a point in your professional life where you truly think, “I just can’t do this anymore.” 

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Scott Sproul

For years, the answer to the question of rural economic development was a single strategy: Recruit a company to the community.  The strategy may have..

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Matthew James

One could argue that Matthew James has done things a bit out of order.

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“Does Working Remotely Mean I’ll Make More Money?”

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Remote Employee Life Hacks

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How to Nail Your Remote Interview-1

How to Nail Your Remote Interview

Congratulations, you have landed your first remote job interview! While there are a lot of similarities to a traditional job interview, there are..

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Must Haves for Remote Work

There are a few essential things that you must have if you are going to be a successful remote employee.  Below is a list of our “must haves” for..

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Setting Up Your Home Office

Not everyone has a spare bedroom they can use for a home office. Whether you do or don’t, it’s critical to identify a quiet place in your home that..

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Best Practices for a Successful Video Call

An essential requirement of remote work is video calls. This tool allows you to meet “face-to-face” with team members, connect personally with..

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Is Remote Work Right for You?

You’ve read about the benefits of remote work, you’ve heard from people who work remotely and love it, and you’re ready to see if remote work could..

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